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Shipping Cost

  • IF your order contains only the following:
    - pins
    - keychains
    - < 2 pillow cases (case-only listings)
    - < 4 banners
    Select "9x7 bubble mailer" for your respective location.

    IF your order contains the following:
    - deskmats (up to 3)
    - pillows with stuffing or bolster insert selected (up to 1)
    Select "18x14 poly mailer" for your respective location PER amount listed above.

    You'll need one poly mailer per pillow and one poly mailer per up to three deskmats. For example, if your order contains one pillow with stuffing and one deskmat, you would add 2 poly mailer shipping items to your cart before checkout. All bubble mailer items can also fit into this shipping category.

    IF your order contains the following:
    - ita bag
    Select "10x10x5 box"
    for your respective location.
    *Ita bags MUST ship separately from pillows with stuffing/inserts and from deskmats, but bubble mailer items may fit in this shipping category.*

    Artist: ToriPng