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Field of Flowers Collection

  • Field of Flowers - 10 Piece Pin Set

    - 10 piece limited edition pin set
    1x Flying Flower Pin
    1x Shiny Flying Flower Pin
    1x Penguin Pin
    1x Shiny Penguin  Pin
    1x Floral Bird Pin
    1x Shiny Floral Bird Pin
    1x Summer Deer Pin
    1x Winter Deer Pin
    1x Spring Deer Pin
    1x Fall Deer Pin

    Flying Flower / Floral Bird / Shiny Floral Bird / Shiny Penguin / Spring Deer
    Material: Rose Gold Hard enamel
    Size: 1.50"

    Winter Deer
    Material: Silver Hard enamel
    Size: 1.50"


    Autumn Deer
    Material: Antique Gold Broze Hard Enamel
    Size: 1.50"

    Shiny Flying Flower / Summer Deer / Penguin
    Material: Gold Hard enamel
    Size: 1.50"


    Designed by: Plurain

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